Our Board

What is an independent school Board and who are the Trustees?

The Board of Trustees holds the health and the future of the School in trust.  It establishes the mission, sets policies, approves budgets, raises funds, and develops strategic plans to insure the long-range well-being and success of the School.   The Board works in partnership with the Head of School, whose role is one of day-to-day management.   The Head is responsible for enrollment of students, hiring and supervision of faculty, and development of curriculum.

Trustees are nominated by the Board’s Committee on Trustees for a two-year term.  The Board of Trustees is composed of members of the community, alumni parents, and current parents.  The rabbis of our sponsoring congregations are included as non-voting members, and the Head of School is a non-voting ex officio member.

Each Trustee serves on at least one standing committee – such as Finance, Community Relations, Development, or Building and Grounds – and Trustees may also serve on ad hoc committees or temporary task forces.  Non-Board parents and community members are also welcome to serve on committees.

Click here for further information regarding our Board Bylaws.