Our Students

Chess champs, songbirds, soccer stars, ravenous readers, mathemagicians - our students are unique individuals with specific talents, but they constitute a cohesive and caring community.  Students consider each other family, demonstrating a sibling-like pride in each other’s accomplishments and acceptance of each other’s differences.  During a regular school day, fifth graders may be seen opening juice or applesauce for kindergartners at lunch time, fourth graders may read with first graders during DEAR (Drop Everything and Read), and second and third graders may share a game of tag at recess or work together on an art project.

The student body reflects the diversity of the Jewish population of Anne Arundel County, welcoming families from the entire spectrum of Jewish observance.  Reform, Traditional, Conservative, and unaffiliated families are represented in nearly equal proportion.  Small classes, high academic standards, foreign language instruction that begins in kindergarten, and a nurturing values-centered environment attract families beyond the Jewish community as well.